Friday, October 13, 2006

Barcodes and PINs are the Keys to the City

You may already have discovered that you need your library barcode and pin numbers to access online databases, order from online catalogs, or tap into electronic reserves from the Pierce Library web page.

You should have received an automated email message at your eou email address from Pierce Library listing your barcode number and including instructions for creating a Personal Identification Number (PIN):

You do not have a library Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you are asked for a library Personal Identification Number (PIN), please leave it blank; you will then be asked to create one. If you forget your PIN, there is a link to reset it on our web page. You may also generate and print your library card on the Services for Off Campus Students web page, which is linked on our home page at

Questions about your barcode and pin numbers? Submit them via the easy-to-use Answerland email web form at . You can also call the Circulation desk at 541-962-3671 for immediate assistance during open hours: see Library Hours in the sidebar at left on the library web page beneath Quick Links.