Friday, November 16, 2007

Answerland Email Webform

You may have noticed a new addition to the Answerland email webform. Near the bottom of the form, you will see the question "Are you not a computer?" We request that you type in the words you see before submitting. This requirement has been added to the form because of the amount of automated junk mail we were receiving.

If you have difficulty reading the words listed, you can click the reload button for new words. You can also click on the small red question mark for additional information and instructions:

Please enter the words you see in the box, in order and separated by a space. Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service. If you are not sure what the words are, either enter your best guess or click the reload button next to the distorted words. Visually impaired users can click the audio button to hear a set of digits that can be entered instead of the visual challenge.

Thanks for your questions and for helping stop junk email!