Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Streaming Now Available!

A select number of films (listed below) are now available for streaming from the EOU Pierce Library catalog.

If you are not familiar with "streaming media", here's a definition: Video or audio transmitted over a network that users can begin to play immediately. Rather than having to wait for a large multimedia file to download all at once, streaming allows the user to see and hear that file as it is being downloaded to the user's computer. Typically a few seconds of data is sent ahead and buffered in case of network transmission delays. Examples: RealMedia, QuickTime, Windows Media.

Film list (with instructor, course, and/or the associated discipline noted). Search the catalog by title and follow the link:

Information Literacy: The Perils of Online Research - LIB 127
Helping the Youngest Victims of Aids - Mielke/Health
H5N1: Killer Flu - Mielke/Health
Science in Everyday Life: Health and Wellness - Mielke/Health
A Child's Guide to Language: Teaching a Second Language - Lubbes/Education
Virginia Woolf: A room of One's Own - Gender Studies
Chinua Achebe - Gender Studies
Eating Disorders - Gender Studies
Oedipus the King - English/Writing
After Darwin: Genetics, Eugenics, and the Human Genome - Corsini/Biology
Curing Cancer - Corsini/Biology
Viruses - Corsini/Biology
Gabriel Garcia Marzuea: La Magia de lo Real - Spanish

More titles will be added as they become available.